Beam Hopping – How to Make it Possible: (Part 3)

This part (and last) of The Beam-Hopping blog explores the fundamental ecosystem and resource management functions needed to operate a beam-hopping satellite network. we also discuss the satellite operator gains and conclude the whole post. Part One and part two of the series was published a few weeks ago. Eco System for beam- Hopping System The... Continue Reading →


Beam Hopping – How to Make it Possible: (Part 2)

This part of The Beam-Hopping blog post focuses on the core technical aspects of a Beam-Hopping system elements. We address the technology challenges which arise from the theory and need to be solved practically in the design. Part One of the series was published few weeks ago. The Satellite Payload Traditionally satellite communication payloads are... Continue Reading →

Future Investments in VSAT: What you Need to Know

The idea for this article comes from a mainstream media satellite article; this article is not verbatim (not an exact copy) and comments on SatixFy's approach to addressing the dramatic reduction of satellite bandwidth cost on the ground. At the SATELLITE 2017 Conference & Exhibition, the ambitious nature of the satellite industry shone through. Whether... Continue Reading →

Global LEO Constellations Based on Nano-Satellites/CubeSats

Preface Miniaturization, standardization and high-level integration, which led to large price reduction and commoditization of so many of the devices that are being used every day, has not skipped the satellite world. Nano/Microsatellites and CubeSats are common names to the new generation of miniature satellites. Those are constructed of standard small cube modules and are... Continue Reading →

First Satellite Software Defined Radio Chip Implementation

In this post we describe the design principles, the basic structure and main performance data for a new ASIC modem, SatixFy’s SX-3000, fully supporting the newly published DVB-S2X standard. This DVB-S2 extension standard provides an improvement over existing standards in all aspects of satellite operation and the chip enables its usage over a broad range of applications. The SX-3000... Continue Reading →

The Dream of Sub $100 VSAT Is Getting Closer To Reality

Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) systems have been for many years and are still providing communication solutions. The traditional use is low-cost solutions for users in need to roll out a network covering a very wide area, which outspans the coverage of terrestrial technologies such as cellular and land-line technologies. Recently, many service providers are... Continue Reading →

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